Located in Ballygunj and on a street famous for 5 very well established restaurants n nearby art galleries, schools …the street links to many well known small roads …This upmarket store is a part of a PARA ( in bengali ..para is locality ) where art , craft , culture , fashion & food along with residentials coexists with small businesses, cafe’s and homestays.

The studio marks out a long wall space which has 2 racks ( our 2 racks are = 3 exhibition racks space ) ..can hold 60 hangers ..so 60 garments / sarees or any such combination.It also offers jewelry space 6 ft x 2.5 ft glass box for jewellery display. The per day rental for jewelry shelves is 3000 per glass box.

The store isĀ  happy to share the mailing list for co-marketing the pop up events.

Flex and posters are possible to put up at the entrance & in the vicinity of the building . The store is located on the 1st floor & is easily found with google maps .

They serve water, tea, coffee to all who walk through thier doors .

Changing room , good lighting , alteration facility n delivery facility ( at a small charge ) is available.


Store: Kolkata

Area: 2000 Sq ft

Rate: Rs 6000/day

Location: Ballygunj, kolkata

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