This space is located in the prime market area surrounded by up-market residential area of Gurgaon.The market has many brands supporting sustainable & niche products, cafes and women’s boutiques.The surrounding residential area is occupied by high net worth individuals and has good footfalls.

The shop provides an opportunity to like minded brands & designers to rent out hanging rail space or shelf space for a minimum of 2 days.The brand supports handmade products & is certified by craft mark for its apparel ranges. The shop is in excellent condition with good visibility, large glass front, tiled floors & wrought iron hanging rails. Supporting shelves in solid natural wood with adjustable focused track lights add to the ambience of the decor.

It provides an excellent opportunity for independent brands to showcase their products in an established store and retail location. This store was established in 2011 and is well known in the city. The store is committed to helping grow independent brands and offer the best possible display for their products without having to manage the store themselves.

Store: Gurgaon, Sect 50

Area: 300 sq ft.

Rate: Rs. 10000/Day

Location: Sector 50, Gurgaon

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