This lovely house is a community space that shares knowledge, art, craft, skills etc. through events like workshops, performances, talks and pop-up shows to bring young and upcoming talent to the limelight and a platform for those already existing and successful. Through a variety of events, this concept store attracts people of all ages both from within the town as well as tourists, who frequent the town.The space, which was home to the host for 25 years, imbibes all the warmth of the family and opens into a beautiful garden with a swing, creating a friendly and cozy experience for whoever walks into the space.

The ground floor has a large room that can be used in multiple permutations and combinations depending on what you are looking for. The main door opens into a hall which is around 1500 sq ft meant for exclusive events and exhibitions. In other cases, the hall can be divided into three spaces of about 600 – 800 sq ft. each and can be shared between 3 exhibitors.

In addition, there is a changing room and a small space for the storage of boxes and other materials. There are soft boards that can be used to put up posters and other brand collateral. If you choose to share the space with two other exhibitors, the charges are Rs. 8,000 per day. This would include a hanging rack and a table, in addition to the other amenities the space offers.

The store has a facebook page and a local network through which it supports the exhibitors for publicity. It is expected that the total usage fee is deposited at the time of booking.

Store: Alwar, Rajasthan

Area: 1500 sq ft

Rate: Rs 20000/ Day

Location: Alwar

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