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300 sq ft.


Rs. 10000/Day

Located in up-market residential area of Gurgaon that has multiple cafes and women’s boutiques. Frequented by high net worth individuals and has good footfalls.

300 sq ft.


Rs. 8000/Day

Rated #1 on Trip Advisor’s shopping list in Trivandrum and favorite amongst the city’s elite and Page 3

1450 sq ft.


Rs. 9000/Day

Established a decade ago, this space boasts of hosting the finest designers like RITU KUMAR, ceramic artists, craft cohorts & organised theater workshops. It has three gallery spaces.

300 sq ft.


Rs. 10000/Day

Located in the heart of koregaon park surrounded by trendy cafe & restaurants this sprawling property is a must visit destination in Pune.

650 sq ft


Rs 14500/ day

Located at Hauz Khas in the heart of South Delhi, the gallery is next to premium cafe’s & 15 min drive from most elite residential areas of Delhi.

475 sq ft.


Rs 7500/day

Serving confident, urban Indian woman who is not bound by fleeting trends of fashion.It is a place where traditional craftsmanship meets the modern aesthetics.

2000 Sq ft


Rs 6000/day

Located in Ballygunj and on a street famous for 5 very well established restaurants n nearby art galleries, schools …the street links to many well known small roads …This upmarket store is a part of a PARA ( in bengali ..para is locality ) where art , craft , culture , fashion & food along with residentials liv coexists with small businesses, cafe’s and homestays.

1500 sq ft


Rs 20000/ Day

This lovely house is a community space that shares knowledge, art, craft, skills etc. through events like workshops, performances, talks and pop-up shows to bring upcoming talent to the limelight and a platform for those already existing and successful. This concept store attracts people of all ages both from within the town as well as tourists, who frequent the town.

500 sq ft


Rs 12700/ Day

Mumbai’s finest Arts and Crafts Gallery has established a reputation of attracting exhibitors who create the highest quality items. We believe you to be one such outstanding exhibitor, whose products would find a ready acceptance among buyers in this up-market area of Mumbai.It has an infrastructure to support all your needs for a successful exhibition and sale of your goods.