Zohra” means white shinning light.  The label Zohra strongly believe in consciously making an effort towards “what we make, who makes it and how it is made”. These three actually define the core value of label Zohra where sustainability goes hand in hand with fashion.  They work with local craftsmen ( Patuas), artists, weavers ,tailors and printers to create products and showcase the best of their skills and build communities.

Their newely launched drapes are blend of age old artistic elegance strongly celebrating nature through block printing and the inspirations include 18th, 19th century mughal paintings to art deco prints.

Their jewellery draws inspiration from vintage classic and chic styles. They have a range of handcrafted french riviera necklaces to jadau gulbands, from chokers to long chain neckliners. The styles are handcrafted by skilled patuas of jaipur

Zohra is a one stop destination for natural gemstone jewellery and handmade Sarees.



29 Mar - 30 Mar 2019 11 am- 8 pm



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