Studio Rama

Textiles have been long been a passion with Rama, even as a little girl. She was a rather effervescent, hyperactive little girl, and the only time she would be quiet was when she  was embroidering, cutting up bits of cloth or sewing. When Rama looks back, it seems to her that she had some innate connection with textiles always. Who knows, but this may even have been a hangover from a past life?
The very first shop Rama had was in Srinagar Colony and was called Threads and Needles, and that brand grew into an outlet called Srishtie where she customized clothes for a regular clientele. What gave her confidence to plunge into business probably was the fact that even as she finished college, she had a sale of salwar kurtas, blouses among other things and managed to have a sell-out exhibition!
Srishtie changed a few locations, before it morphed into Studio Rama.
The brand among other things will showcase clothes that are strictly handmade, are essentially handloom, and are one of a kind of pieces. What’s her style? she is often asked. She says”I believe I am a traditionalist at heart ( personally I prefer Indian clothes, especially the sari) and my clothes reflect my philosophy of clothing they will be vibrant clothing for the women of today who is steeped in her past as much as she is a daughter of the future. The clothes that you will see on the website will certainly not be blingy (for that you will have to look at other sites) but will be authentic handlooms fashioned for both comfort and style.”
Welcome to STUDIO RAMA.


17 Jan - 18 Jan 2020 11 am- 8 pm



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