Rabbit Out Of The Hat

Ethnic jewelry has a profound significance that goes far beyond adornment. It is a metaphor for language, ritual, art, beliefs, and ideas. It is a reflection of a culture; is movable wealth and insurance. It is part of innumerable rituals. Most of our traditional jewellery designs have been developed over centuries, in the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Sankeerthi, the promoter began sourcing pieces of jewellery from different countries and each jewellery has a characteristic to it. One might find a small piece from Rajasthan and with a fusion of copper/ brass piece from Africa that come together to create magical outcomes and hence the name Rabbit Out Of the Hat. Each of her jewellery emerges from some hidden corner of the world and brings with it a story.

Sankeerthi did her diploma in costume designing and has taught in NIFT Bangalore as a guest faculty. She’s worked as a stylist for couple of TV commercials. She is presently involved as a stylist and a costume designer for Kannada theatre and movies. While not a jewellery designer, she has immense love for precious metal. She has been purchasing old and vintage jewelry and elements-from itinerant traders from different parts of the world. She makes an effort to avoid old jewellery being melted down.


10 Oct - 11 Oct 2018 11 am - 8 pm



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