Metaphor Racha

Metaphor Racha is a dedicated Khadi brand of products that is authentic to Karnataka. The Khadi weaves, create timeless pieces with quality and comfort. The need to explore Khadi and create a line of products that are locally produced for the urban market came about and created ‘metaphor racha’.

The brand provides a range of woven sarees, women’s garments and home furnishings with a focus on the craft aspect of the medium and brings freshness to the collection keeping in mind all aspects of functionality than on the glamour bit of fashion. Since the entire process involves hand, Imperfection becomes an integral part of the process, right from spinning the yarn, weaving and printing.

Metaphor Racha believes that commercial approach can not only lead to economic empowerment for ordinary people to become problem solvers but also yields a higher value for a customer than what he spends on it.


15 Mar - 16 Mar 2019 11 am- 8 pm



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