Karigar Weaves & True Story

Four colour dyes, when two is the norm. Five different blocks, to realize one pretty flower. A perfectly put together design aesthetically made from different blocks. Karigar Weaves methods takes longer, their sensibilities demand more.

The ensembles in tussars, maheshwaris, kotas and chanderis, at times blended, are both contemporary and traditional. Ritu and Jai, the people behind Karigar Weaves, are all about creating a design that is beautiful not just in look, but also in substance.

The skills of the weavers, dyers and printers, can only be appreciated by looking at the design for a few minutes. One cannot miss the levels of concentration and deep-rooted commitment of such artisans, in keeping the traditions alive and thriving. Their true livelihood comes from the ‘ Compliments ‘ you are sure to get each time you wear our creation.

Unearthing their own path, at KARIGAR WEAVES, the story unfolds, from conception to realization, much more than what the eye can see.

The myriad beauty in nature’s elements touches Priyanka in ways more than one, and its influence on her creations are amply evident. Inherent in her style are timeless, classic looks. And because silver linings on grey clouds bring a smile to her face, she will often lend rich features to her pieces. Not a believer in conforming to norms, her focus is more on bringing something that is ‘just beautiful’, however it may arrive.

Putting pencil to paper, it is all about giving detailed expression to a larger idea. Clutching onto a potential design, she begins, and from the rough initial artwork to the final creation – she signs it personally.

Coming together, the inner designs find form on fabric, and this is Priyanka’s  ‘ TRUE STORY ’.


12 Apr - 13 Apr 2019 11 am- 7 pm



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