Bidisha Bhaduri

The mystery of a saree, elegant yet so graceful, has mesmerised Bidisha Bhaduri and her passion for reviving exclusive contemporary kantha sarees. Though she has had no formal training in fashion or textile designing, the weaves and the visual interplay of colours and textures has drawn her towards epitomizing a ‘saree.’

The twist and twirl of the flowing yards of her exquisite creation contains her innate sense of colours and detailing of the embroidery enfolded subtly into the warp and weft of the fabric she uses. She is a keen observer of nature and draws her inspiration for her designs from it. She is also passionate about reviving the dying art of hand batik and has showcased her range with innovations, much to the appreciation of her clientele.

Bidisha held her first exhibition with a modest collection of kantha sarees in the US. It has been an on-going journey since then. Travelling across the globe, she has held exhibitions in Singapore, USA and in various cities within the country.


14 Feb - 15 Feb 2020 11 am- 8 pm


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