Bageeya carries its meaning from Hindi vocabulary, translating to ‘a small garden’ – where the inspiration for material, print and texture comes from.
The range of clothing takes birth from natural dyes, for centuries believed to have medicinal properties. The prints and textures on each article are uniquely formed using actual leaves and flowers.
Restoring values -Being a Sustainable Label, they noted that following a sustainable lifestyle runs down the line of history where people would produce, reuse, mend and lend – both crops and products. From a time, when best efforts were put to give back what was taken from the surroundings.
So the best way of living still would be to bring the past into a practice in present. Thus, Bageeya held hands with different techniques to promote sustainable fashion. Textile industry being the second most polluting industry in the world , Bageeya advocate working towards conservation of environment without compromising on fashion.
They envisions to spread Sustainability with AFFORDABILITY and UTILITY in the mass that wants to bring a change in the pattern of fashion consumption.
To develop a sustainable model of business, they have already put in our efforts to associate with communities believing in same cause and achieving goals through organic growth.
They try their best to reduce the waste in any form. To support that Bageeya does innovative dyeing with natural extracts left after the preparation of the dye. Further left goes into a compost pit to make organic fertilizer.  Hence, their efforts are always directed towards achieving minimum wastage incurred during the entire natural process,
They handcraft their range with natural /handwoven fabrics like Kala cotton ( organic cotton ) Linen, Silks and Chanderi procurred from Weavers across the India -that entails collection of – Natural & Eco-dyed unisex Shirts, Stoles, reversible Kimonos,Saris,Chunaris and Zerowaste earrings and Neckpices ( from left over fabric )
So far, their palette has had Natural dyes from Flowers like Marigold, Tesu, Semal, Rose, Hibiscus. Pomegranate peels, Harad, Lac, Myrobalan, Walnut, Madder, Katha, Cutch, Indigo with Eco-dyes using Leaves of Eucalyptus, Jamun , Guava, Rose, Onion peels. We reuse extract of Harad, Marigold, Walnut, Lac to make further range of our textures and prints.

Bageeya is coming up with the range of Linen Handloom Sarees dyed with pious roses , marigolds and other ayur herbs . Their concept sarees like Detachable Saree and fan Saree are exclusively designed keeping in mind your Eco fashion feast

Further they have an exciting range of Reversible Kimonos in Tussar Paschimnas,  comfy Reversible kimono dress in Organic cotton and fun Organic cotton pants  and customized Eco Nehru Jackets and yardages.


8 Feb - 9 Feb 2020 11 am- 8 pm



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