Aavaran- Echoes of Rural India

Aavaran (meaning ‘covering’ in Mewari) was established in 2011, has built a reputation for intricate dabu printing, indigo and natural dyeing technique-based collections. Their products are best described as stylish, minimalist and comfortable in a range of traditional yet contemporary prints, made of the finest natural fabrics.

Aavaran offers a wide assortment of exquisite apparel for men, women and kids, home furnishings and accessories with traditional Indian motifs and designs developed exclusively by its in-house team of qualified designers and executed by skilled women from craft clusters in rural Rajasthan.

The trademark of the Aavaran label has been fine and unique prints and motifs on Indigo-dyed fabrics, chosen from a well-researched design and craft repertoire. Each collection of garments, home furnishings and accessories uses Indigo and a selection of purely natural dyes that are painstakingly made with a commitment to being sustainable and eco-friendly. Inspired by current fashion, Aavaran’s team has contemporized traditional motifs to create new and modern patterns. Aavaran has been consistently working towards helping the traditional mud-resist printing technique of Dabu evolve into more varied and contemporary translations. The brand’s range of hand-dyed and hand block-printed ware draws from traditional motifs without losing the essential character of the craft.

Sticking to its mantra of sustainability and zero waste, the label also offers a selection of accessories made of waste fabric from production, including bags, pouches and potlis, jewelry made with fabric scraps, juttis and a selection of products that would make great gifts, all created with the trademark Dabu mud-resist hand dyed and hand block-printed fabric. And all Aavaran products are available as single pieces giving you the flexibility, independence and creativity to put together the look to suit all styles and budgets.

Aavaran has used a variety of designs within the range of Indigo dye fabrics, which vary in scale and intricacy to create a series of different collections derived mostly from Indian crafts. Aavaran takes pride in its specialization of indigo dyeing, as well as other natural dyes to provide wider colour options to customers. Intending to carry forward the tradition of indigo dyeing as practiced in Akola (66 km from Udaipur), Aavaran has retained the quality of indigo as well as improved it, by focusing on the rubbing fastness of the indigo dye and experimenting to achieve multiple tonal indigo qualities. The majority of natural dyes are vegetable, from plants, roots, berries, bark, leaves, wood.


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