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Mar ‘ 2020

Empowering Fashion Designers & Empowering Make in India

Indi Collage Team

Indi Collage exhibition gallery: Empowering fashion designers, Empowering Make in India

Thousands of years of civilisation, heritage, culture, and wisdom have made India an enigmatic and vibrant land. Every part of our nation boasts of a rich fashion tradition. Indian fashion is not just an assimilation of different clothing styles but a language in itself. Every Indian ethnic wear narrates a historic tale.

And this fashion heritage is skillfully preserved and expanded by our fashion designers and artisans. A shift in market dynamics and the advent of new platforms have helped these unsung fashion heroes come out in the forefront. Indi Collage, a premium exhibition gallery in South Delhi for selected design lines and art products, has always believed in such stupendous talents and lent support to them. The gallery provides space and visibility to designers from across the country.

Taking fashion to its lovers

Indian designers have a lot of new and innovative ethnic designs for fashion lovers but many of them don’t have avenues to take those beautiful outfits to their prospective buyers. Indi Collage helps such designers by providing them with a sought after commercial space and that too at a marginal cost. The exhibition space helps designers reach their audience, sell their designs, interact with them and get more insights from them.

In business, customers ask entrepreneurs — what do you bring to the table. In our case, the designers bring hard-to-resist and attractive designs to the table and Indi Collage brings the table where consumers and creators can interact.

The pride of made in India

Gone are the decades when flaunting a foreign brand logo used to turn eyeballs. The new decade fashion is all about the Indian brands which offer stylish, comfortable and elegant wears, especially for women. Our traditional artisans have the best surgical hands when it comes to weaving ethnic clothes and heritage designs.

The growth in sales of Indian designs has reinstalled a pride among Indians and provided jobs to thousands of weavers who are no less talented than the most famous global designers but lack platform and opportunities.